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Treating the mount

    Treating the mount

    To make sure that your mount looks its best – and like new – for as long as possible it is crucial that it does not stand in sunlight. The room should not be exposed to major temperature fluctuations. Mounts in a non-smoking hunting room stay fresh and look new for a long time.

    Dusting every six months and spraying with insecticides helps to ensure that your mount has a long life. It is best to remove dust with a feather duster or a soft duster – not with the hoover! Using a woolen cloth is not good for the mount. This rubs the dust much deeper into the fur. When dusting, care must be taken to not dust against the coat’s direction of growth. Disheveled feathers are best smoothed with hot steam. Head/shoulder mounts of furred game and small mammals are best cleaned with dry shampoo. Glass eyes should be cleaned with water and vinegar. The fur is fluffed again with a hairdryer.

    Before or after the kill, talk to the hunter accompanying you or hunt leader about what is to happen to the trophy. If the game is to be prepared, you must take this into account during transport and when gutting it. If you are planning a foreign hunting trip, you must talk to your taxidermist beforehand. He can give you useful tips to ensure that you not only have a successful hunt, but also so that the trophy you take home does not suffer any damage. It is the trophy that will be your longest lasting treasure from the hunt.

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